Security Checklist

Home Security Checklist

Use this basic checklist to assess your home security needs. For a more comprehensive assesment of your security requirements contact Choice Locksmithing at 619-562-8700 Ask for Jeff.

Don’t put your name on the outside of your residence or mailbox.

Have adequate outside lighting.

Control vegetation to eliminate hiding places.

Entrances and exits should have solid door with deadbolt locks.

Entrances and exits should have one way peepholes in doors.

Bars and locks on skylights.

Restrict the possession of house keys. In the event that your Contact Choice Locksmithing if keys are lost or stolen.

Lock all entrances at night, including the garage. Keep the house locked, even if you are at home.

Arrange for an unlisted home telephone number (limits accessibility to home address).

Don’t leave notes on doors.

Develop friendly relationships with neighbors.

Notify the police or a trusted neighbor if you plan on being gone for an extended period of time.

Don’t hide keys outside house.

Put lights on a timer to turn them on and off at varying times and locations.

When not at home turn on a radio

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